Static Var Generator (SVG)

Static Var Generators (SVGs) has become a crucial necessity for commercial and industrial facilities to ensure power quality in today's world. With load variations that cause voltage sags, harmonics, and other power disturbances, SVGs have emerged as one of the most effective solutions.


A Static Var Generator (SVG) is a power electronic device that helps regulate the flow of reactive power in a power system. SVGs act as voltage source converters (VSCs), leveraging insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or thermistors to control the reactive power flow. The remarkable ability of SVGs to provide inductive and capacitive reactive power makes them suitable for neutralizing the voltage sags and harmonics caused by nonlinear loads.

Working Principle of SVGs

The working principle of an SVG is based on VSC technology, which consists of a DC bus, capacitors, and switches (IGBTs or thermistors). The DC bus connects to the AC system through a transformer, and the capacitors store and discharge energy, while the switches control the reactive power flow.

When voltage sags or harmonic distortion occurs in the AC system, the SVG detects the disturbance and injects reactive power into the system to counterbalance the disturbance. This reactive power is generated by rapidly switching the capacitors in and out of the circuit. SVGs can provide both inductive and capacitive reactive power depending on the requirement.

Working Principle
Working Principle
Advantages of Static Var Generator
Improved power quality & Fast Response Time

SVGs can mitigate voltage sags, harmonics, and other power disturbances, leading to improved power quality. SVGs can respond to power quality issues within milliseconds, providing faster and more efficient compensation.

Increased system efficiency

SVGs reduce the need for reactive power compensation by other devices, leading to increased system efficiency.

Reduced energy consumption

It can reduce the losses caused by reactive power flow, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Applications of Static Var Generators

Static Var Generators (SVGs) has several applications, including:

  • Industrial facilities:- SVGs are used in industrial facilities to address power quality issues caused by large motors and other nonlinear loads. These loads can cause voltage fluctuations and harmonic distortion, which can affect the performance of other equipment connected to the same electrical network. SVGs provide reactive power compensation and help to maintain stable voltage levels.

  • Wind farms:- Wind farms can use it to regulate the reactive power flow and improve the stability of the grid. Wind turbines generate electricity through a process that involves converting wind energy into electrical energy. However, the output of wind turbines can be unpredictable, and the reactive power flow can cause instability in the grid. SVGs can compensate for the reactive power flow and help to stabilize the grid.

  • Data centers:- It can help data centers to ensure a stable and reliable power supply to the IT equipment. Data centers rely on high-quality power to ensure uninterrupted operations. SVGs can help to maintain a stable voltage and frequency level, prevent power surges, and protect sensitive equipment from damage.

  • Railways:- SVGs are used in railways to mitigate voltage sags and other power quality issues. Railway systems rely on a stable power supply to ensure the safe and efficient operation of trains. Voltage sags and other power quality issues can cause disruptions to railway operations and affect the safety of passengers. SVGs can help to maintain a stable voltage level and prevent power quality issues.

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